LITE-ON Automotive Electronics BV

  • LITE-ON Automotive Electronics BV
  • Tweelingnlaan 57

    7324 BK Apeldoorn

  • 0555 261 950
  • Introductie

    LITE-ON Automotive was founded in 1979, concentrating on engine control system, rear parking assistance system, Body Control System, LED automotive lamp module and Cruise Control System in the automotive industry. LITE-ON Automotive is the only company in the world which is capable of providing the Integrated Design Service in LED automotive lamp module. LITE-ON Automotive has branches strategically situated across Mainland China, USA, Europe, and Taiwan, to provide best cost products and prompt global service support.

  • Beschrijving

    LITE-ON Automotive was established in 1979 and became one of the affiliated companies in Lite-On Group in 1992. Subsequently LITE-ON Automotive has developed novel products such as car security systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, sunroof control systems, window control systems, etc. To expand the market share in Mainland China, LITE-ON Automotive founded Wuxi manufacturing plant in 2002. Afterward, LITE-ON Automotive and customers have successfully developed LED rear combination lamp module in 2003, and continuously set up branches in USA and Europe to serve customers locally. In 2006, LITE-ON Automotive established manufacturing plant in GuangZhou in order to meet the demands from the rising market in China and serve customers nearby.

    Meanwhile, LITE-ON Automotive has become one of the subsidiaries in Lite-On Group in 2006. Additionally, in order to increase the efficiency of vertical integration and expand the automotive product line, LITE-ON Automotive not only developed rear parking assistance system but also merged Echopower Inc. for engine control system related products in 2007.


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